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S3R Co., Ltd, we collect electronic waste from everyday life and industrial area and send to local smelters after sorting, separating and shredding process. We’re growing fast as one of the leading global company by importing 70% of our E-scrap from overseas and send to local smelters for final process.

S3R CO.,LTD. is

S3R Co., Ltd. is Korea's largest supplier of GRMs that increase and develop every year despite being the No. 1 supplier in terms of contribution to domestic delivery over the past five years, including deliveries of more than 7,000 tons per year.
Korea Smelter
S3R Co., Ltd. is a company that has contributed greatly to the development of the domestic urban mining industry.​
Yunmo Sung
minister of trade, industry and energy
S3R Co., Ltd. is the company that has contributed the most to the formation of a resource-circulating society in Korea.
Sunggyu Yoon
Environment minister

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A leading company in the eco-friendly recycling market, a company that raises the value of its companies through sustainable management.
S3R Co., Ltd. is a growing company that values security and environment.

the realization of urban mines

Unlike ordinary mines that dig up mineral resources in non-urban areas, it is a term derived from obtaining resources from waste appliances used and discarded in urban life, and is attached in the sense that many different types of metals used in the manufacture of products such as home appliances, digital devices, and automobiles can be recovered as urban minerals.

Founded in 1972, 48 years of history

S3R has been leading the technology development of electronic scrap for a long time and is becoming a competitive company.We pursue continuous growth and development through continuous investment in mechanical facilities and system development so that we can stay at the top of the industry.

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에스쓰리알이 지난 40여년간 걸어온 발자취입니다.
  • 72년 04월 국방부 불용품처리 계약체결 (현재)
  • 99년 08월 익산지사 설립
  • 07년 01월 폐기물중간처리 종합재활용 허가
  • 07년 03월 폐기물 수집운반 허가
  • 09년 07월 폐기물 재활용 무역업신고
  • 10년 05월 국회환경노동위원장 표창 (재활용/환경보존)
  • 11년 05월 중소기업청장 표창 (경영혁신)
  • 12년 11월 (주)에스쓰리알 상호변경
  • 12년 12월 한국재활용기술연합회장 표창 (폐기물에너지)
  • 13년 04월 한국도시광산협회 재활용사업 협력업체
  • 13년 05월 한국전자산업협회 재활용사업 협력업체
    ISO 9001 (품질) / ISO 14001 (환경) 인증
  • 13년 08월 한국전자회로산업협회 재활용사업 협력업체
    주요 방산물자 수출입중개업 인증 (방위사업청)
  • 13년 09월 환경부장관 표창 (자원순환)
  • 14년 02월 인천지사 설립
  • 14년 05월 경영혁신형 중소기업(MAIN-BIZ) 인증
  • 14년 11월 중국 AQSIQ 인증
  • 15년 04월 남동지사 설립
  • 16년 05월 기술혁신형 중소기업 (INNO-BIZ) 인증
  • 17년 03월 전자스크랩 선별 방법 (특허 취득)

A complete system of information security

Collect, shred, disassemble, and dispose of various electronic and electrical products generated in factories and homes.

※ revocation service is a hard disk that contains personal information and communication devices.
(transactions and provide feedback on waste disposal and processing evidence documents.)

Waste Electronic Scrap Processing Process

Certificate and Facilities


In Korea, we have established a research institute affiliated with a company, which is rare, and are becoming more accurate and more professional by investing in new technologies and continuous equipment in the field of electronic scrap.

R&D Corporate Affiliated Laboratory

S3R sets up labs that are distinct from the general recycling industry, so it has more accurate value for electronic scraps and different ways to utilize resource cycles.

Environment-conscious enterprise

By legitimately treating the volume of wastes and disused goods as licensed and certified, the company maintains environmental pollution prevention and social reliability. We will secure technical skills that match screening and target dignity, and at the same time, we will develop into a stable company.

R2:2013 Standard

The R2 Standard is strictly manages and regulates used electronic equipment, parts and materials in accordance with strategies such as reuse.

ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is an ISO standard for industrial health and safety management systems announced in March 2018.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is a standard family of environmental management that exists to minimize the negative impact on the operating environment.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification is a system that objectively certifies that a product or service realization system meets the prescribed requirements and operates them effectively.

Facility process and process

S3R Co., Ltd. has facilities and facilities that can create target dignity from screening facilities to blending and processing.
We classify all processes at the head office and the first plant and continue to invest and develop data-based accurate and rapid processes.

Double shaft shredder

Double Shaft Shredder​

Motor Power : 180kw

voltage : 380 V, 60Hz

hammer shredder

HMS – 100

Motor Power : 500 kw

voltage : 380 V, 60Hz

zemma shredder

ZXS-1500 * 3 EA

No. 1) Motor Power : 264 kw

No. 2) Motor Power : 180 kw

No. 3) Motor Power : 150 kw

optical sorter

Binder Clarity

Optical discriminators can select materials and colors of various materials by applying optical technology (NIR/VIS sensor) and induction magnetic field principle, and can be equipped with optional induction magnetic field sensors to efficiently select non-ferrous metals as well as iron metals.


TLFXP – 12

A device used to separate pieces of nonferrous metal, such as aluminum or copper, from scraps.

When rotating the magnetic rotor at the end of the conveyor belt at high speed, the conveyor belt is subjected to a false current and induced magnetic field, which is used in the separation operation by means of magnetic forces acting between the magnetics of the rotor.


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